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Syria, which has long opposed Israel’s existence, has been so badly weakened by years of civil war that it could muster no more than formulaic condemnations when Mr. Trump recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Israel seized the territory from Syria in the 1967 war. “Trump’s conciliatory statements during Liu He’s recent visit to Washington generated a brief surge of optimism about prospects for a deal, but that has now dissipated as Trump and his administration again harden their public stance against China,” he said.

Any time we play God with nature, we need to worry about the consequences. But Wolbachia is natural — most insect species already carry it. And any possible environmental impact is far less than what we create by spraying. No scientist I talked to worried that Wolbachia could help mosquitoes transmit new diseases such as H.I.V. — which, let us give thanks, is not mosquito-borne. Mosquitoes are very particular about which viruses they can transport. “Mosquitoes aren’t flying syringes,” Dr. Dobson said. New York’s new law, passed last week, permits abortion after the 24th week of a pregnancy when there is “an absence of fetal viability, or the abortion is necessary to protect the patient’s life or health.” A bill introduced in Virginia by a Democratic state lawmaker would also have reduced restrictions on late-term abortions to protect the mother’s health, and would have decreased the number of physicians whose opinions were required to approve an abortion, to one from three. The Virginia bill was set aside in committee.

But many policy experts say they believe these principles are unlikely to hold any more influence than those laid down at the big corporations, especially because the Pentagon is motivated to keep pace with China, Russia and other international rivals as they develop similar technology. For that reason, some are calling for international treaties that would bar the use of autonomous weapons. “But do they know how to count?” he asked. “Surely they do. Let them first calculate the range and speed of our advanced weapons systems, and then make decisions on the threats against our country.”

Pavel Buchnevich also scored for the Rangers, and Alexandar Georgiev finished with 44 saves. Zach Hyman scored for the Maple Leafs, and Frederik Andersen stopped 26 shots. One can safely assume that Lee and countless other Knicks fans will be shouting less flattering things as opposed to just mouthing them if all this losing they have endured this season leads to drafting someone other than Williamson.

Mr. Fairfax asserted that the woman had subsequently called him and said she wanted him to meet her mother. He said he had no documentary evidence of any further conversations after their sexual encounter in 2004, when he was working as the personal aide to John Edwards, then a senator from North Carolina and the Democratic vice-presidential candidate that year. “When someone or something or an institution or a system continuously lets you down, or fails you, it’s hard for me to have faith,” she said.

Over the past month, other signs of friction between the attorney general and the special counsel have emerged over issues like legal theories about constitutional protections afforded to presidents to do their job and how Mr. Mueller’s team conducted the investigation. Republican strategists say that unless Mr. Trump agrees to compromise, he will most likely face defeat.

In an age of hidebound regression, moving forward becomes inseparable from looking backward and inward. Frustrated by what they see as the outdated and ineffective deadlock of the two-party political orthodoxy, a shiny new breakaway faction has emerged in Parliament called The Independent Group. Pressed for clarity on such tiresome details as policy, one of its more significant members, the ex-Tory Anna Soubry, defensively claimed that even to ask such a thing was the “old way” of politics, and that this group is based on “shared values.” The slightest scratch at the surface of those values, however, reveals nothing new whatsoever, with the No. 1 shared value, as listed on their website, turning out to be the drably predictable assertion that “Ours is a great country of which people are rightly proud.” It’s the same old pillar of jingoism and self-regard to which, it increasingly seems, everyone must genuflect before, or even in place of, saying anything else at all. Spain’s former leader told the Supreme Court on Wednesday that Catalan separatist leaders should bear full responsibility for the chaos and clashes during their 2017 independence referendum, insisting that he played no part in directing the national police to use force to block people from voting.

Costs ,545 a year in taxes; 0 a month in common charges Dr. Runco, like Dr. Bilder, warned that more undirected free time at school does not guarantee that children will become more creative thinkers. What’s important is how they use the time they have. And home life and community play a part, too. “People are intrinsically creative,” Dr. Runco said. “But they need the environment. Creativity is most important when people are making choices. Getting dressed. Choosing alternative routes to work or school. Too often people align creative thinking with painting, writing or drawing.”

“Were you a manicurist or a hairdresser before you got this gig?” the men asked. “And who did you have to sleep with to get it?” After the lyric, in most performances, the song turns catty-wompus. There is ambient warping and woofing. There is electronic weeping. Sometimes this part of the tune gives way to something else — jazz riffs, dance music, cowboy songs, the ballad “St. Stephen.” You never know what you’ll get.

But Sudanese suspicions of Saudi motivations were heightened in the past week with the return to Khartoum of a controversial, Svengali-like figure. For years, families were told they were wrong to accuse the Israeli government of such malice. Mr. Hatuka said that many of the mothers interviewed by AMRAM, including his own grandmother who lost a child, were often conflicted about whom to hold responsible. “They love this country,” he said. “My grandmother knew that something was wrong, but at the same time she couldn’t believe that someone who is Jewish would do this to her.”

But Dr. LaBar wasn’t ready to write the challenge off. He told me that some people who have “owned” this challenge have used it to mark major life transitions” — beating cancer, surviving a trauma, graduating from college. “In these cases, the challenge is used as a means of self-actualization, self-affirmation and pride, which is extremely powerful.” Column: On Death Row, but Is He Innocent?

The case required the cooperation of several American law enforcement agencies, but it also required keeping some Mexican authorities out of most discussions. All corporately owned locations will, but franchise locations, which are independently owned, may not. Most airport locations are corporate owned, the company said, and it planned to provide a list of noncorporate locations on its website “in the next few days.” To verify a location’s policy, customers can call the location or the company’s customer care line.

Then came a terrible whooshing sound that kept getting louder until it felt like my ears were going to pop. I dove into a ditch just as the bombs hit the road. A squadron of Russian Air Force fighter jets, Su-25s, appeared, pummeling everything in view — apartment buildings, the fields on either side of us. “We love our pets and want to give them treats, but we often don’t think about treats from a caloric standpoint,” said John P. Loftus, veterinarian at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. “It adds up over time. Better to show our love in ways other than food.”

Police officers were accused of standing by and sometimes even helping the Buddhist mobs. The Iqbal family wonders if the same is happening again. The lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, asks the court to declare that injection sites are illegal under the federal Controlled Substances Act. That law makes it illegal “to manage or control any place, regardless of compensation, for the purpose of unlawfully using a controlled substance,” according to the complaint.

ROBIN: So Joe started to explain to people the basic math: reducing spending, increasing savings. At first we taught a couple of friends, and it was 20 people in the basement of a church in Phoenix. Then, four years later, it was 400 people at a whack. We were written up in New Age Journal, and an editor found us. Johnson won the Mexico Championship two years ago, part of three straight victories during his best stretch of golf ever. He said he struggled with his swing at Pebble Beach and at Riviera, and worked all week on the range in Mexico.